Here at Kawana Air Conditioning, we aim to bring you to best air conditioning services we can provide. With over 22 years of experience in the industry, we know our cooling systems. Our team’s goal is simple: quality products and excellent customer service. We provide all your cooling needs, whether it be for domestic or commercial use.

Installations are just as important as picking the right air conditioner. Professional work means that you don’t have to worry about leaks, faults or damage in your cooling system. Installing your air conditioner properly also ensures it’s functioning efficiently.

We specialise in installing all air conditioners, whether it be window-type, split-type or ducted. We take precise measurements to ensure each unit is fitted perfectly. Our team of experts works to make each cooling system work for your space. Specialists can suggest ways to keep your equipment energy efficient.

What’s the difference?

A lot of people underestimate the power of a correctly installed cooling system. What most don’t realise is that it has a huge impact on energy use, lifespan of the machine and overall efficiency.

Improperly installed units break down more easily – racking up your electric bill in the process.

Kawana Air Conditioning has everything covered. We want to make sure you’re satisfied with our work and your unit. This is why we do our best to give you the best service possible. We take pride in detailed work. Our basic installation includes:

  • Ensuring that the fan’s airflow goes through the air duct – This allows your system to cool properly. Our team of technicians ensures that the air conditioner is in an area with proper ventilation. This prevents the machine from overheating and extends the lifespan of the cooling system.
  • Checking the refrigerant charge – There’s such a thing as too much refrigerant. It could overload your system, causing damage. Technicians ensure that your units are charged at optimal levels.
  • Securing pipes for water outflow – This is an important aspect of the installation. Without it, you could end up with a leaky air conditioner. Our experts ensure that each pipe is properly set – sans the leaks.
  • Positioning the air supply unit. Air conditioners release hot air outside the home through the air supply unit. This is why it should be placed in an area where no vegetation will be harmed.
  • Air conditioner placement – You want your cooling system to be placed in an area where it’s accessible yet doesn’t obstruct the overall aesthetic of your home. Our technicians understand this need and work with you to find the best spot for your unit.

At Kawana Air Conditioning, we believe that the customer should always come first. When buying a unit, consult with our professionals. We can help you find the best cooling system for your needs within your budget. Give us a call today to have a chat with one of our customer service agents!